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8/24/07 9:34:53PM
We really didn't get to see much in the first fight because it was very quick and one sided. I'm looking forward to seeing this live in person. A lot of people keep saying that Rich will have a better fight this time than last time. That's a no brainer cause it would be pretty difficult for him to have a worse fight than last time. He did zero damage to Silva in the little amount of time they stood and exchanged. Rich has no chance to do anything to Silva on the ground. Nate ended up on the ground with Silva, and that's only cause Silva threw a flying kick and then pulled Nate down, and did nothing. I don't think Rich could even get lucky with a knockout punch. Silvas footwork and movement is too good, he's never been ko'd or tko'd. The only way it won't end in a first round ko/tko is I think Rich will be keeping his distance. I like Ace a lot, but I'll be a Cincinnati guy going home very happy cause I'm cheering for Silva.
8/24/07 10:22:22PM
i love anderson and his pimping coats
8/25/07 12:59:09AM

Posted by DMcCabe11

i love anderson and his pimping coats

As far as the battle of closests goes I totally can get behind Silva.

But you gotta be tough to wear pink in the octogon.
8/25/07 1:02:33AM
lol ha very true i don't care who wins this fight as long as the two of them are walking around with pink board shorts and big pimping fur coats afterwards
8/25/07 2:04:51AM
Yea, Silva has the odds on his side. I dont care if its in Franklins home town, Silva doesnt hold back on his training and is training hard as franklin for this rematch.
9/13/07 11:31:11PM
On paper, I agree that Silva is the better fighter.
However, I'm a Franklin fan and I hope he can bring the fight to a split decision with the hometown crowd rooting for him.
9/13/07 11:47:21PM
Well I hope for andersons sake it doesn't go to a decision. We saw what can happend with home town pressure . I think Anderson will KO rich in round 2.
9/14/07 12:43:31AM

Posted by hippysmacker

I'll take Silva by 3rd rd TKO. I think Rich will do better this time, but Silva will still catch and finish him eventually.

I agree. It's always harder for a fighter to beat the same guy the second time around, but I think Silva will get the (T)KO.
9/14/07 8:34:52AM
I ll start by saying that i really like to see Franklin fight but honeslty i see Franklin getting KO again in the first round maybee second round. Franklin is in front of his home town, Got destroyed last time and believe me he will be thinking about it so i see Franklin being very nervous for that fight. I see the fight finishing by Anderson applying a flying knee to Franklin's nose .
9/14/07 10:04:49AM
If this fight goes the distance, it would probably be more advantageous for RIch. So here's praying for Rich that he survives the first 3 rounds of onslaught.
9/14/07 4:41:58PM
Silva ticks all the boxes, but other than a tired rich franklin, he aint had a hard fight defending his belt. Silva vs franklin 2, for me, is like silva's second fight in the ufc. His opponants... Leben, marquardt and luter are all from the bottom end of that division. I believe that franklin is gonna get battered early on, but pull through and win this fight. Dont be surprised to see rich submit silva in the later rounds of their rematch !!!!
9/14/07 8:35:57PM
cardio may not play much into this fight if you think about it. i doubt either fighter is going to come out wreckless. this should be a pretty technical fight standing up, which shouldnt take too much out of either fighter. sadly for rich he is not the more technical striker of the two. i see anderson picking away at rich before getting the shot he needs to finish him. i say andy in the 3rd.
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