A. Silva Vs Frank Shamrock anyone??

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3/14/08 2:55:00AM
when Frank left the UFC i believe he said something along the lines of....call me when you find someone that can beat me ( dont quote me on that cus im not sure)
but anyways Frank....I think we found that guy come back to the UFC and back up your words bro....

A.Silva By 2nd round TKO
3/14/08 4:13:03AM
If he beats Cung Le, sure why not. Got nothing else to throw a Silva. If he can't beat Cung then there's no point in him trying Silva.
3/14/08 4:56:04AM
I'd be down to watch, but I don't think Shamrock would have much of a chance. No disrespect, I like Frankie, but I'd take Silva over T1000 from Terminator 2.
3/14/08 5:48:49AM
To me what Frank did over 8 years ago is irrelevant to the rankings now. MMA has changed a lot ,and most are well rounded today . It used to be Frank was one of the few who was. I think Anderson would KO him in 1, and I think Frank is undeserving of a fight with him currently. If Frank were to beat a guy who is top 5-10 ranked by most, who is a free agent like Lindland/Lawler, then I think he could at least make a claim to this fight being necessary. Still, 2 victories against highly ranked guys ,at least a top 20 & a top 10, would seem more fair for Shamrock to get a shot at Anderson IMO. Silva is considered the worlds top 185er by the overwhelming majority of people, and even the pound for pound best by a lot of others as well. No disrespect to Cung Lee either, but this isn't K-1 . His stand up is amazing , but until I see him beat some top grappler's I won't be sold on his MMA future.
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