Why Silva was so easy to takedown

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2/5/07 8:42:15PM
UFC commentator Joe Rogan reviled on MMA.tv’s The Underground forum, that UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva was still suffering from recent knee surgery during his UFC 67 Headline bout with Travis Lutter.

"Anderson Silva had knee surgery on both knees just 11 weeks ago. That was why he was so easy to take down, and that was why he couldn't squeeze 100% when he had Lutter in the triangle. I ran into his manager after the show and he told me the whole deal. His knees were still very sore. Later that night I ran into Anderson in the hotel, and he was limping like he was just double knee barred.

Crazy shit. If Travis ever had a chance, last night was it. Great fight, either way."

2/5/07 8:45:34PM
That is some interesting news. Give it up for Anderson for still putting his belt on the line.
2/5/07 8:48:40PM
Lutter really is just an idiot he has the chance of a lifetime and he cant even cut weight...its even better that Anderson beat him on the ground!
2/5/07 8:53:19PM
surgery on his knees??? for what?? broke them on Franklin?

before the fight i kept telling all my friends..(who were going for the underdog)

"lutter isnt even gonna get close to Silva....Silva is gonna be quick on his feet and move away quickly when lutter tried for a takedown"

i guess this is why Silva was not as quick on his feet that day.....
2/5/07 8:54:55PM
Makes sense , thanks for the info.
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