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10/28/08 11:42:14AM
Anderson Silva did not deliver one of his typical performances against Patrick Cote at UFC 90.

Although he was winning the fight before Cote’s injury in the third round, the UFC middleweight champion was booed by fans for his evasive strategy and later he was even criticized by some for “disrespecting” his opponent.

10/28/08 1:18:50PM
Two things:

-First, of course he didn't disrespect Cote. He was just playing his game, and Cote did a great job of refusing to strike (not in a bad way either). Silva likes to counterstrike, and Cote - under the tutelage of supertrainer Mark DellaGrotte - did a great job of not giving him anything to counter.

-And I didn't know that you went to Thailand to practice Muay Thai.
10/28/08 2:05:35PM
Am I the only person who is surprised Andy hasn't cosigned a rematch?
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