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12/28/07 3:50:26PM
LAS VEGAS – It wasn't uncommon when Woody Hayes was the football coach at Ohio State for the players to arrive at the practice facility in the morning to find Hayes asleep on a couch with game film flapping on the projector.

Hayes had stayed up all night breaking down film.

John Hackleman, Chuck Liddell's mixed martial arts coach, has no such need to stay up all night breaking down film of Wanderlei Silva, Liddell's opponent at UFC 79 on Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Yahoo! Sports
12/28/07 3:59:14PM
I was looking forward to this fight maybe a year or two ago. As much as I love Chuckles I think this fight will go similar to the Jardine fight. Both men coming off back to back losses are going to be very careful not to get knocked out. But I think Silva will just a bit more aggressive than Chuck, squeezing out a long dull decision...Sorry friends.
12/28/07 4:01:15PM
I dunno, you could be right... I doubt Chuck would make the same mistake 2 fights in a row, knowing it cost him the fight the first time. I also have a hard time believing Wandy would go at a slow pace the whole fight.
12/28/07 4:07:10PM
I really hope I'm wrong. I would love to see the fight that it COULD be. I just think the timing of it is wrong. Like I said if it was a year ago it would have been amazing! Or even a few months from now after Silva had a tune up fight and maybe Chuck had a big win somewhere. I just think they are both in a rut right now and hopefully someone explodes out of it tomorrow night, but I think we are more likely to see someone crawl out of it. That someone being the Axe Murderer. Unanimous. I hate to say it and again I seriously hope I'm very wrong.
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