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3/13/08 1:12:28PM
Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva recently indicated that he would like to challenge Roy Jones, Jr. – once regarded as one of the top pound-for-pound boxers in the world – to a boxing match.

“Anderson really would love to fight Roy Jones, Jr. in a boxing match,” said Ed Soares, Silva’s manager. “It’s not just talk, we really would like to put that fight together.

“We respect Jones’ boxing ability and think he’s one of the best, but we’re tired of different boxers saying that MMA fighters aren’t technical. Anderson would love to fight Roy Jones in a boxing match under boxing rules to prove that MMA fighters are technical, too.”

It now appears that what started out as a dream bout may actually have some merit to it.Link
3/13/08 1:33:44PM
Been posted already

3/13/08 1:38:52PM
Dana/UFC will not let this happen.
3/13/08 3:57:50PM

Posted by grappler0000

Been posted already


yeah like eight times same thing with matt the law lindland, c'mon spend two seconds to check
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