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POLL: Arona vs. Silva III?
Yes 57% (8)
No 43% (6)
3/31/07 1:57:38AM
Alright, enough of the Liddell vs. Silva stuff, I think Arona and Silva need to finish their feud before this new stuff gets underway. Arona won their first match, and I personally think that Arona should have won the split in their second bout. Its about time Arona really shows the world that he is a top contender. He seems to be overshadowed by others, when this guy should be in the top 10 of his weight class. What do you all think?
3/31/07 3:00:07AM
I'd like to see it. I think Arona could be devastating with elbows by the way.
4/1/07 4:04:36PM
I like that match up. Gives Arona a chance to revenge that loss or Wandy the chance to let everyone know he hasn't fallen out of contendership quite yet.
4/2/07 7:00:06AM
For sure. I would love to see this. Anytime a fighter loses by a split decision a rematch is always gonna be exciting, IMO at least.
4/2/07 1:02:28PM
I think Arona was pouring it on with the takedowns during the last part of their match. But Wandy was showboating/pressing the action during the first part which really won the judges decision.

Arona would win IMO
4/4/07 5:20:37PM
In my opinion Arona would handle silva easily, tought Arona won both their first meetings and now that Silvas been knocked out twice in a row and possibly three times after this weekend, i think aronas got it in the bag
4/4/07 6:41:07PM
I think Arona proved he is the better fighter just by the first two fights but if they want to mix it up again Arona would make sure he finishes it.

Silva is in a bad way coming off two losses, has a good chances to lose his third in a row against Igor, and really might need a change of scenery or change weight classes.
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