A. Silva- Pride Fighter??? UFC Fighter??? Other???

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POLL: What org. do you consider A. Silva?
Pride Fighter - 5 fights- last fight 2004 0% (0)
UCF fighter - 4 fights- last fight 2007 73% (11)
Cage Rage- 4 fights - last fight 2006 0% (0)
Mecca Fighter-5 Fights- Last Fight 02 0% (0)
Other Org- 5 Fights - Last Fight 06 0% (0)
No Org - Rolling Stone 27% (4)
8/9/07 4:32:00PM
i have read in many other topics that a silva is a pride fighter. But should he really be considered a Pride Fighter.

I think he shouldn't be considered any org.

What is he???

and when do the pride fighters loose there title PRIDE FIGHTER (when do we stop calling CC, wandy, Shogun, ETC... Pride fighters) cause if they are always considered Pride fighters wouldn't Wandy, Hendo, and Barnett be UFC fighters since it was there first BIG organization???
8/9/07 4:38:07PM
People say that because that was the last major org besides UFC that he was associated with. I consider him a nomad fighter, just roaming from Org to Org, whoever pays him to fight.
8/9/07 5:12:38PM
wow this was a dumb post
8/9/07 6:32:46PM
UFC thats where he has made his name and thats what people know him for.
8/9/07 7:26:32PM
Pride fighter well

PrideFC is dead
its over
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