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1/19/08 4:09:54AM
so whats the difference? ive heard it depends on the position the choke is initiated and ive also heard that the difference is the gable grip/kneck crank before the choke is cinched up.

is there really any answer or like a lot of things are there just multiple names for the same technique?
1/19/08 10:50:30AM
I did a google search and found someone else's answer to the question. Hopefully it will shed some light for you because I don't know the answer.

They are alot alike (I'm speaking from a No-gi standpoint). It's a difference in grips.

The linke above ( is your basic Brabo, except when I do it I fall back and push my inside knee towards my opponents armpit and if needed I wrap my outside leg around him like in the vid on this page:

It's in the first vid of the page.

Some people refer to this choke as a brabo as well (i like to use the term reverse brabo):

Here's a basic darce choke:

Here's a Darce from turtle:
1/19/08 2:45:53PM
as far as i know, they are practically the same choke, except with very minor differences, but different schools name it differently.
1/20/08 1:17:11PM
im still not clear on the differences and am surer than ever that it doesnt really matter. i guess the kneck crank, gable grip is one potential difference before sliding the arm through to the rear naked grip.