UFC signs Masanori Kanehara

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7/27/14 7:21:13PM
The UFC has signed longtime Japanese regional veteran and bantamweight star, Masanori Kanehara.

7/27/14 7:58:18PM
This is a very interesting signing. Obvious he will be a regional fighter, I would like to see a stylistic match-up that would force him to stand. He has displayed some great top game. Used his striking to get the takedown in the fight located in the link of the OP. I think if you give him a solid striker with a good submission game it could prove fateful for the new signee. Maybe someone like Dustin Kimura, Hugo Viana, Rani Yahya, just some ideas, I have not looked into he's healthy and free for the Japan card. But I see the UFC giving Kanehara someone semi-easy to build him for the UFC fan base.
7/27/14 8:11:25PM
Where did this come from? I have always been a fan of his, just shocked he signs now but not awhile back when he was kicking some ass. Either way, happy to read this. Just hope he gets some decent competition to square off with and not thrown to the wolves like others, where he stands no chance.