UFC signs IFL champ Dan Miller and brother Jim Miller

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7/23/08 5:05:34PM
The UFC announced that they have signed Middleweight champ Dan Miller and his lightweight brother Jim Miller to multifight deals. Both deals are 4 fight contracts, but no amount of money was announced. Dan Miller won the title in just his second IFL fight while his brother holds a notable win over Bart Palaszewski and a notable loss over Fankie Edgar.
Anyone think they can make a big splash in the UFC?

7/23/08 5:16:44PM
Thanks for the info. I like it. They are both young. We'll see. I cant wait to see them in the UFC.
7/23/08 7:17:18PM
dan miller is a awsome fighter great stand-up and insane sub
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7/23/08 8:45:43PM
I dont know how he didnt break his neck. That is one time I had to look away from the screan.....THATS NASTY...I love it.
7/23/08 8:52:10PM
Awesome!! Look forward to seeing them both in the UFC.
7/24/08 1:12:01AM
IFL had a good run and I'm gald to see their top guys are getting shots in the UFC. It's really the only way for them to gain top spots (Rothwell could've got it through Affliction)

Anyways, I hope I see Rory Markham rise throught the ranks and also this lightweight that I forget the name of right now.
7/24/08 3:27:18AM
the question is who does rothwell rebound against? do they put him with Rizzo Barnett or a can?
7/24/08 9:49:13AM
Good signings, i'm looking forward to seeing these 2 fight.

Both are good prospects imo
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