UFC just signed david baron!!

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6/9/08 1:12:16PM
I think hes a great addition to their already talented roster, hes a very underrated fighter and he has alot of potential and the ufc can put together some interesting matchups with baron

what do you think of the signing of David Baron??
6/9/08 1:29:50PM
he looks solid, looking at him on sherdog, 15-2, loss to Gomi, two wins over dan hardy, and a win over mach sakurai.

He's going into a deep division if he is fighting at LW.
6/9/08 2:23:16PM
yes very solid but we dont need lightweight fighter ufc need HEAVYWEIGHTS
6/9/08 2:30:12PM
cant complain when a talented fighter comes to the ufc regardless of division, he is going to be a contender in the lw division.
6/9/08 2:32:45PM
I have to ask and it's going to be a lame question. Is his nickname "Red"?
6/9/08 5:14:18PM
Yep he's definately legite heard of him a few times now, bring him over lets see how we fares against the wolves
6/9/08 7:02:23PM
very good pick up, wonder if he will be fighting at welter or lightweight
6/9/08 8:53:27PM
Hes been fighitng at welterweight, i think he will stay there. Hes going to be a force in the division. Im calling it. I think the UFC will try building him up for their first adventure into France
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