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1/20/07 7:13:47AM
I want
1.) franklin
2>) silva
4.)cro cop
7.) babalu

bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1/20/07 4:01:03PM
lol you leave alot of room for bets leave all the shit
ill take Ryoto M. win over Sam hogar $100
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1/20/07 6:05:55PM
SickRick, with his bank roll of 2,500, keeps sending me asinine wagers that only a moron would accept.

So far he's asked me to take 275 with him picking Anderson Silva and Wanderlei Silva, 275 EACH.

What kind of a moron would accept these bets?

Screw that, Sickrick. I'll send you a reasonable bet.

50 on Tim Sylvia.
1/22/07 11:09:30AM
i'll put 175 on Big Tim.
1/23/07 7:25:45AM
hey dai i like you, you make me laugh oh and im sorry about leaving my shoes under your bed, but she told me you are never home

P.S. im only joking so dont tell the moderators on me. im just now getting along with MMA the moderator
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