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2/12/07 3:50:34PM
Since he's not signed to UFC/ or Pride . I'm not sure if his 3 fight Bodog contract is exclusive, but since all the other recognizable fighter's they have signed seem to be able to fight other places it seems plausible ( and he just fought Newton in the IFL). This would be the best case scenario's for all parties IMO

1. Lidland- IMO the #1 middlweight in the world. I don't know anyone who doesn't rank him top 5 at least. He could bury a legend, and make himself a buttload of money( If Gary Shaws Vera offer is beleivable) . It would probably drive up his price in the future. It also looks like a good fight stylistictly for him. If Frank couldn't stop renzo from taking him down, he would be hopeless against Lindland.

2. Shamrock- He would finally be fighting a ranked fighter, and someone all respect. If he pulls it off, everyone's off his back and he can go back to making his grandiose claims of superiority . He will have turned around a lot of public opinion after his dissapointing/disrespecting Renzo fight. A lot of people love a winner no matter what he does. It would prove his constant smack talking aren't just delusions of granduer from an athlete past his prime clamoring for attention . He could ask for even more outrageous sums of cash for his services.

3. The fans- the consensus top 2 independent ( not in Pride/UFC) middleweight's in the world finally fighting somebody everyone wants to see. I'll go so far as to say Horn is in the lower top 10 of middleweights, but I think more people would want to see this fight than theirs.

4. Me- because I think Lindland would pummel him till his jaw had to be sown shut, and I wouldn't have to hear about him ( or especially from him) for a long while
2/12/07 4:02:30PM
I would love to see that fight for reason #4...

Lindland would dominate Frank, I can see him literally spanking him ala Randy & Tito...

Oh, ya, I agree...

Lindland = #1 MW

Roughly in that order
2/12/07 6:15:45PM
i would love to see almsot any MW in the UFC pwn Frank.
I think Jason Macdonald or Kendall Grove could lay a nice beatdown on him and prove that he isnt at the top of the world anymore.
2/13/07 10:57:38AM
I see what you mean, but personally, I'd like to see him get owned by Leben, Quarry, Herman or someone like that just to prove how far he's fallen.

Getting dominated by a game show contestant loser would certainly (for the love of peanut butter and jelly, HOPEFULLY) shut him up for a while!

No disrespect to those guys, but they are no where near top 5
2/13/07 1:55:00PM
My favorite reason is #4 also. Besides, I would like it to be a guy I like doing Frank in. Yea, Frankie, you used to be somebody, let's see how you do against someone who still is a somebody.
2/13/07 2:12:07PM
I would rather see some punk like Leben or Herman beat the piss out of him. That would be hilarious.
2/15/07 8:52:09AM
I think Frank Shamrock proved in his fight with Renzo just how far away from the top of the food chain he really was currently. I would like to see a decent grapple maybe Edwin Dewees. Just take him down and Ground and Pound him for 15 full minutes.
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