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8/10/08 3:26:49AM
the UFC still pays good. better than any small org fighters come up in. The fighters sign contracts knowing they can make it big and when that contract ends if they blew up they get a better one. I know Affliction is paying bank but it is still to some of the top fighters in the world who have proven they are vary good or great And the jury is still out on Affliction and even EXC. I just think it is getting old to have to read people complain about fighters pay Im sure if the fighters don't like it they talk about it with UFC management if they don't it is their own fault. Like tonight Im sure GSP got extra buku bucks for having UFC2009 game on his asscrack(65"1080i TV) because he was complaining about his pay

I guess in the end is why care so much?
8/10/08 2:03:44PM
Well I might discuss this topic with you if I could understand your broken English.

In reality, aren't you just as bad as the people you are addressing by posting this? You want to quit hearing about fighters pay yet you post ANOTHER thread provoking the discussion.

By a Bonsai tree, take some Zoloft, or do as I do and just sit around and put more needles into your Forrest Griffin VooDoo Doll
8/11/08 10:36:04PM
I agree 100 % All pro athletes get paid too much anyway.
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