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11/29/08 12:37:42PM
A title change too, the "Lion" roared his way to another title...
"Lion" Takeshi Inoue (15-3) defeated Hideki Kadowaki (13-8-2) via unanimous decision to become the new Shooto Lightweight Champion!
Hatsu Hioki (17-3-2) defeated Rumina Sato (24-13-2) by TKO (3:32-R1)
Takashi Nakakura (11-2-1) defeated Bendy Casimir (16-5-2) by rear naked choke (4:58-R1)
So Tazawa (8-3-3) fought Hiromasa Ogikubo (5-0-2) to a draw
Yutaka Ueda (6-1-1) defeated Jin Kazeta (8-9-2) by TKO (3:23-R1)
Atsushi Takeuchi (5-4-2) defeated Katsuya Murofushi (3-4) by rear naked choke (1:44-R2)
Taisuke Okuno (7-2) defeated Daisuke Okumiya (2-3-1) via unanimous decision
Nobuhiro Hayakawa (1-4-3) fought Yuta Nezu (5-2-1) to a draw

Although Nakakura and Casimir both hold Shooto titles, this was a NON-TITLE fight today.
Tazawa missed weight for his fight (Featherweight).
11/29/08 3:16:34PM
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