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4/10/09 10:19:23AM
Event wrapped up a short time ago, based on the results you'd think fighters were getting paid extra to go the distance-every fight went to a decision.

Rookie Tournaments:
Hidenori Nishino beat Toshiaki Hayasaka by unanimous decision.
Takahiro Suzuki beat Tomohito Tanizaki by unanimous decision.
Yusuke Yachi beat Kenichiro Marui by majority decision.
Yoichiro Sato beat Naoki Hirayama by unanimous decision.

Tatsuya Nakashima beat Hiroaki Ijima by unanimous decision.
Hisaki Hiraishi beat Komei Okada by Technical decision (unanimous).
Ayumu Shioda beat Shinichi Hanawa by decision.
Ikuo Usuda beat Guy Delameau by majority decision.
Main Event: Ryuichi Miki beat Junji Ikoma by unanimous decision.
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