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10/6/08 2:16:23PM
Since they haven't been posted yet, the latest Shooto event was yesterday in Tokyo:
All fights were 2 5-minute rounds with the exception of the last fight, which was 3 5-minute rounds.
Kosuke Eda beat Haruo Ochi by unanimous decision.
Fumihiro Kitahara beat Hiroaki Ijima by split decision.
Mikitoshi Yamagami beat Yusuke Sato by KO at 18 seconds of round 2.
Guy Delameau beat Hisaki Hiraishi by unanimous decision.
Takeshi Sato beat Nozomi Otsuka by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:41 of round 1.
Taiki Tsuchiya beat Daisuke Matsumoto by KO at 4:57 of round 1.
Ayumu Shioda beat Kenji Hosoya by unanimous decision.
Sakae Kasuya beat Hidenori Nishino by majority decision.
Daiji Takahashi vs. Seiji Otsuka was a Draw.
Taisuke Okuno beat Yoichiro Sato by unanimous decision.
Ryuichi Miki beat Jin Akimoto by majority decision (3 round fight).
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