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12/14/08 5:11:37PM
Non-Tournament bout:
Guy Delameau (3-3) defeated Paolo Milano (2-3-1) by TKO (4:09-R2)

Shooto Flyweight Rookie Tournament Final :
Mikitoshi Yamagami (3-0) defeated Junji Ito by (3-2) guillotine choke (2:15-R2)

Shooto Lightweight Rookie Tournament Final :
Issei Tamura (3-0) defeated Naohiro Mizuno (4-2) via unanimous decision

Shooto Featherweight Rookie Tournament Final:
Kosuke Eda (7-2-2) defeated Yoshihiko Oyama (0-2-1) by rear naked choke (3:02-R1)

Shooto Light Heavyweight Rookie Tournament Final:
Makoto Maeda (3-1-1) defeated Takaaki Oban (2-2) by KO (0:34-R1)

Shooto Bantamweight Rookie Tournament Final :
Fumihiro Kitahara (4-0) defeated Kentaro Watanabe (2-1) via unanimous decision

Shooto Middleweight Rookie Tournament Final:
Takuya Sato (3-2-2) defeated Takesuke Kume (3-1-2) via decision (Ext R.)

Shooto Welterweight Rookie Tournament Final :
Ikuo Usuda (3-0) defeated Yukinari Tamura (8-2-4) via unanimous decision

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