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3/9/09 9:04:54AM
This was co-promotion between Shooto and TK Promotions, and despite going against DREAM managed close to, if not a full house (sellout). All fights were 2 5-minute rounds.

Rookie Tournament:
Teppei Matsuda beat Hiroyuki Kondo by majority decision.
Keita Yoshida vs. Joji Kawamata went to a Draw.
Taro Kusano beat Hiroshi Sugimoto by majority decision.
Tsuneo Kimura beat Takayoshi Ono by unanimous decision.

Kazuya Satomoto beat Yukinari Tamura by TKO (doctor stoppage) at 1:10 of round 2.
Kosuke Eda vs. Hiroyuki Tanaka went to a Draw.
Main Event: Junji Ikoma beat Fumihiro Kitahara by majority decision.
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