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2/4/08 7:47:29PM
What do you do when someone has a really nice sprawl after you shoot, i no a few ways, but they dont cut it. Any thoughts / explain .
2/4/08 8:04:14PM
Here are a couple of moves that work for me

- You shoot a double leg and they sprawl, you pick one leg and let go of the other. Act like you are doing a bottom switch from standing and your opponent will fall flat on his face.

- Same scenario, you can keep on fighting for the leg but keep your back arched so you don't get cradled, when you get a leg just run a big circle and you have the takedown.

Hope this helps you out
2/4/08 9:09:56PM
Are you talking about a successful sprawl where you're left in turtle with them with a standard wrestling head and arm tie? or you still having a chance to take them down as the poster before me illustrated.
2/4/08 9:12:43PM
When i shot and he just sprawled, and i still have his leg
2/4/08 9:16:20PM
Well I can't help you there much because my wrestling is admittedly pretty awful, so I'll abstain from giving you any bad advice and wait for some good wrestlers to peek at this thread.
2/4/08 9:22:15PM
Yeh man im not a wrestler either, i stick with JiuJitsu and MuayThai, so yeh man i hear ya
2/4/08 10:17:02PM
Reality is that most good wrestlers will concede that their shot is stuffed if the sprawl is good and they'll back out at that point and go back to standing. You should learn to push back to standing fast and hard just like you do for your shot.

If someone keeps beating your shot with their sprawl you should try throwing them off by faking a shot and then switching levels higher and trying to snap down the head or pummel inside. Even if it doesn't work, it's like establishing the run in a football game-->It forces them to "stay honest" the next time you shoot the legs (or pass in football).
2/5/08 1:34:42AM
Good advice so far. Two things to add.

1. Are we talking pure wrestling, MMA, or sub grappling here? If you're confident in your BJJ, you might want to consider pulling guard if you can't get it to the ground, or work some X-Guard and other ground vs. standing techniques. You can close the distance with the shoot, flip to your butt and work to get them in a favorable position. Obviously this isn't a go in wrestling and might not be your best bet in MMA, but its worth looking into.

2. Fullerene mentioned wrestlers backing out of shots and to develop speed in doing this. That is absolute gospel! If you're going to back out, you need to work the motion until its fast AND secure. Backing out of a failed shoot is a very vulnerable time in any form of combat, as you're open to striking, paticularly knees from a decent fighter with good timing. In the grappling world, you can get caught in guillotines when backing out as well, as aborting a shot can leave your neck exposed.
2/5/08 2:42:40AM
It's been years since I wrestled, but a lot of guys used to train exactly what was mentioned. They'd do a shoot, then at the end of their shot do what looked like a little "hop" but was actually them training that "explosive back out" from the shot.

There are many other techniques, though. For example if your shot gets in deep enough you can waterfall them by going up through their legs, and transitioning around to a rear mount. Converting to x-guard is a good idea as well if you're able to keep control of their legs. Crawling up their body and getting a body lock is another technique that you see used a lot in the octagon, and if done correctly it can mitigate a lot of damage by keeping everything tied up and in close.

Another good bet is if you're that inexperienced with wrestling and things to do after you've shot in on someone- don't shoot in on people! haha
2/5/08 11:02:28AM
Like others have mentioned, you have to train to not stop. I had that issue for the longest time.
You will have to force your self to DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE. Now, this is considering that you do get a leg. You will be surprised at how quickly your success rate will be if you just keep drivig once you get the leg.

Once you get a hold of the leg and continue to drive, try to wrap your arms around that leg and, as you're driving, pull the thigh into your chest.
-from here you can also bring your rear leg up and grapevine it around the trapped leg, making the trapped leg imobile. then as you continue to drive the body goes back, leg stays forward. Drive to takedown.

if you are sprawled on though, and can't get the leg, and it's MMA, stand up before they get control on top of you.
2/5/08 2:01:31PM
I don't have much to add, but if you watch the Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia fight, you'll see that Randy had Tim guessing. Tim had no idea what Randy was going to do, which allowed Randy to take Tim down with ease, and I believe Tim, with his weight and height, has a pretty successful take down defense. I would say, if you keep you opponent guessing and mix things up, it would open up more opportunities to get a clearer shot for a take down. But, I believe what has already been said it the best advice, I just thought I'd give an example of how to create better shot oppotunities. Good luck!
2/5/08 6:27:32PM
I didn't read the other comments, so I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned.

Okay so if your caught in a sprawl, but have a chance for recovery let go of one leg hug both legs like a single leg, and spin around your opponent. I personally like that one, but i sometimes hold the double leg, and try to control his next move, now his next move may not give you the best position but if your ready for it, you can always counter.

2/5/08 9:50:25PM
switch off from a double to the closest leg single. lift your leg on the same side up, and simultaneously switch your hips/other leg through and put pressure on his leg. this will cause him to lose balance, and you most likely end up in better position. almost always rear mount or side control if they roll out and escape.

another thing is sort of like pulling guard but allows you to sweep your opponent. sit on your legs and wait for your opponent to engage to switch positions. as he gets within reach, get either a tight overhook or under hook, and pull a half guard on the same side as the hook. use your other hand to control his opposite leg to secure a trap and roll type sweep(ie. nogs sweep on sylvia)
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