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5/16/09 9:19:43AM
Full results from last night:
Spencer Herns beat Chad Sutton by majority decision.
Fabricio Camoes beat Torrance Taylor by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:21 of round 1.
Thomas Diagne beat Kaleo Kwan by unanimous decision.
Ben Holscher beat Cody Canterbury by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:07 of round 1.
TV fights:
Bao Quach beat Tito Jones by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s. Jones was cornered by Urijah Faber.
Aaron Rosa beat Anthony Ruiz by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:29 of round 1. Rosa didn't tap but was out when stopped.
Lavar Johnson beat Carl Seumanutafa by KO in 18 seconds. Said to be more like a 1 PUNCH KTFO. Johnson uppercut on a Seumanutafa shoot and GOOD NIGHT!
Sarah Kaufman beat Miesha Tate by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s. After the show Pat Miletich again started the "5 minutes for the women" argument. Said to be a great fight.
Main Event: Mike Aina beat Billy Evangelista by DQ at 3:40 of round 2. Evangelista DQ'd for knee to the head of a downed opponent. Aina was getting up but still had a hand and knee down when the knee landed, and Herb Dean says illegal. Fight was catchweight at 157 because both missed weight, coming in at just over 157 (fight was 155).
5/17/09 12:38:43PM
As far as the DQ goes - I understand the referee was airing on the side of caution, but it was a bad decision. Just setup a rematch and do it again. No big deal. I am sure they will both agree anyway.
5/17/09 3:37:41PM
Evangelista plans to appeal. Based on photos I've seen of the strike, he appears to have a good case.
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