"Shogun" Rua Targeting A December Return

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7/10/08 12:37:35AM
Maurício "Shogun" Rua hasn't fought since he was defeated by current UFC light heavyweight Champion, Forrest Griffin, last September.

Shogun is returning to the trainings step by step. He started the Boxing and Conditioning preparation and his knee is OK. Probably in a week he will come back to Jiu Jitsu practice.

Rua is not worried about a revenge versus Forrest Griffin and knows he have to get ready to face any one after his defeat for Griffin. He is planning on to come back in December.

7/10/08 12:52:34AM
I ran into him. First high profile fighter I have seen face to face. It was months ago, when he is town at the Patriot Center. He was there with many MMA high profile names, Pellegrino,Rampage,Randy, and many extra. Their was some cage fight with Pete Spratt headlining, thats the kind of card it was. This is in Fairfax, Virgina about a half hour to DC. It was not even there that I ran into him, it was a day earlier at Dick's Sporting Goods. He was with some guy he looked like a trainer or agent. He was very polite and affable with me. His english was terrible but we spoke. I asked him about his knee and told him to take his time with it. I mentioned how much I respected him and was looking forward to his return. Very low key but honest was how I came off. What was funny is, and I dont know if he was testing me, I mentioned names of some fighers and he asked me how Thiago Silva did recently cause he had a fight, and I told him what Thiago did. I thought with the Chute Box thing he would already. Maybe he was making conversation or really asking. What I noticed phsycially, muscular wise, he looked like a normal guy, but he was wider than I expected and you could see the look of a fighter in him. He mentioned then, and this was Spring, that he was coming back around November/December. He is one of my favorite fighters I wish him the best. I also ran into him as he was lingering outside, took some photos with a few people and told him to enjoy himself. Pretty cool memory.
7/10/08 1:07:50AM
Thak the lord. When it first happend he was talking about a super quick return, and i thought he was just going to do it again(he returned to quickly after the forrest fight to). I just want him healthy, he's so tough, talented and is a great personality, the UFC would be wise if he won the title, people would love him once they saw how he fights.
7/10/08 1:51:54AM
This is just pure awesomeness. I can't wait for his return. I'm just gonna go ahead and pencil him in to fight Sokoudjou in December. MoJoy you are lucky, I would have loved to meet him.
7/10/08 7:01:20AM
a fight with Soko on the last card of the year would be sickkk

hopefully he is back 100%, and the injury didnt affect him permanently.
7/10/08 11:34:55AM

Posted by juanez13

a fight with Soko on the last card of the year would be sickkk

hopefully he is back 100%, and the injury didnt affect him permanently.

7/10/08 6:54:16PM

I hope he comes back healthy and ready to destroy the LHW division.
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