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11/1/07 11:23:26PM
I did this interview earlier today.

Hope you guys like!

PDG: You are not the first PRIDE veteran to lose in the octagon this year. Examples include Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Dan Henderson, Heath Herring and Yushin Okami. What are your thoughts?
Shogun: It is just coincidence as I have read some things on some websites talking about this subject. That UFC fighters were always better than PRIDE fighters but those people forgot Quinton Jackson. I think that the guy came to the UFC after 3 terrible defeats in PRIDE (to me and Wanderlei Silva twice), now though he has the UFC belt, so.......


11/1/07 11:47:59PM
good interview !!

i have notice that shogun told you that he will have to fight forrest again if he want to have the ufc belt one day !!
so, i am correct by putting forrest ahead of shogun in my actual ranking because if forrest was below him, he will not be in his ways to rich the title shot !!!

Shogun: I don’t like to choose my opponents, I want the UFC belt and I'm sure that Forrest will be in my way to accomplish this. So a rematch is just a matter of time.

just a little punch to those who are afraid of dropping a guy when he lost a fight !!

or afraid of moving up the winner ahead of the loser because the loser has a better 2004 and 2005 record !!

11/1/07 11:56:39PM
Good Read. I cant wait to see his next fight at 100%. It also seems to me that he is happy with his pay from the UFC. It also seems as though he believes the UFC is headed in the right direction. Tell Shogun to give some of his old PRIDE friends a call, and tell them to come on over to the UFC, so we can get these fight cards stacked year round.
11/2/07 12:02:21AM
Good work man, props to you.
11/2/07 1:01:04AM
Good read, thanks.
Shogun is so early in his career he can surely bounce back from the loss to Griffin.
11/2/07 8:57:17AM
nice good enterview..
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