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10/28/09 11:24:24PM
This is a thread dedicated to my awesomeness

Back when Machida was seemingly untoachable (from roughly 5 days ago til UFC 98), there was a MMA Virtuoso named Pookie, and he stood proudly, on top of his prized yelling Rock and shouted to the masses, in one breath.

"The only thing that im unsure about with Machida is his ability to take leg kicks.
He spent most of his life and most of his training avoiding strikes and countering because he can utilize a greater range and greater skill-set of strikes against everybody hes faced so far.
When you havent conditioned your shins to take a muay thai kick because youre so used to avoiding the strike what happens when someone actually kicks him in the leg? Repeatedly? It may severely hinder his mobility, and his explosiveness.
Shogun doesnt leave the type of openings defensively that Rashad does, im interested if Machida is still going to avoid Shogun's arsenal when his skill set is so adept at making fights trench wars."

Crushingly, there was a murmur a thousand voices deep that disagreed.

"Counter Striker > Striker"

"Shogun's wild aggressive Chutebox Style is going to get him knocked out

Machida 3rd round tko, once shogun gasses"

Realizing the quantity of misinformed people, Pookie grabbed his walking stick, slammed it on the ground and shouted

The Naysayers said
"Nay" before raised their axes and pitchforks in a blood boiling Rage.

But before the mob could mobilize Pookie shouted from his mountain top -

"He has accurate and powerful kicking from the outside, a longer reach than machida, and arguable better boxing. Someone who can fight machida on the outside and out damage them there will have the best chance at beating him. "

The Crowd yelled back such suggestions as

Dan Henderson

Randy Couture

and even the misguided, yet forgivable

Chuck Liddell

"No!" pookie whispered to himself. "None of those guys stand a chance." Before belting out into the cold mountain air -

"Shogun is the embodiment of the fighter that will cause machida problems."

"Shoguns stand-up defense and accuracy with his hands gives him the tools to get in and land shots consistently, then from the outside his kicks give him range to attack machida without worry of the counter punch."

The crowd was hushed. Torches were douced. Virgin's were taken. Tempers were fizzled, and soon the crowd started to walk away after a brief

We'll see
was shouted back

After the crowd left Pookie's camp mate Kaskd climbed up to his Perch and asked the wise sage

"Yeah, but are you really going to pick shogun?"

Pookie took a breath, contemplated and said

"Shogun probably is going to lose, i just wanted to sound smarter than everyone in case im right."

And so the story goes, Shogun went on to relighten the torch of hope and optimism inside all of his fans hearts, and Pookie got to be right twice because Machida won anyway

10/29/09 12:07:25AM
10/29/09 12:09:19AM

I switched from a very confident pick in Shogun by KO to actually switching to Machida literally last second without getting the chance to change the result of my pick, idk why I changed it, strictly impulse. Watching the result of that decision was so hard to watch, it was a robbery and no justice comes of it unless Shogun knocks him out it seems.

I made a thread yesterday saying, "What if the same exact thing happens again in the rematch"? would the judges really rob Shogun again? and the decision makes me even more disappointed for that reason alone.

In a way, I'm ashamed to be an MMA fan after this fight... the robberies in title fights man, its boxing all over again and I dont think I can deal with another decision like that nor can the sports credibility.

And in the end I got points for my pick. If those points equal the home run from the visiting team, I would throw it back. I never say this because I'm competitive but I wish I wouldve lost and I deserved to.

10/29/09 12:09:29AM

I love the look on the rock's face. He looks so damn impressed.


I have to admit, even as a huge Shogun fan, believing that all he needed to get back to his old form was his cardio, I still thought Machida's evasiveness would be too much for him.

I am so goddamn excited to see the old Shogun back.
10/29/09 12:35:38AM
Sorry... as much as you may love your post you may not give yourself props.

I see Pookie has discoverd the exception to this rule. Yes Pookie you do in fact have the ability to be right....twice!
10/29/09 1:20:57AM
I love this post. Props to you Pookie!
10/29/09 1:22:22AM
And the crowd chants Pookie! Pookie! Pookie!!

We want an encore!!

10/29/09 7:15:24AM


-On a side note I picked Shogun
10/29/09 10:36:09AM

I always knew you were something special.
10/29/09 12:03:21PM
I just shed a tear.
10/29/09 8:11:30PM

Posted by kopower

And the crowd chants Pookie! Pookie! Pookie!!

We want an encore!!

I didn't realize Pookie makes his predictions at business conventions. Is that where he has developed his wisest of virtues?
10/30/09 5:49:05PM
Yes, you are a amazing... I had lost all faith in Shogun.

but when some of my friends asked why shogun was getting the title shot and who was going to win I told them that if the Shogun from two years ago shows up he will win. So i gave myself a small pat on the back.

But i still think Dan Henderson and Randy Couture have a great chance of beating Machida...

Next year, they should print "In Pookie We Trust" on all money...
10/30/09 11:00:42PM
Nice call Pookie, you have once again proved to be the wisest man on the web
12/22/09 5:23:40PM
Great thread and thanks for the link Jae.
12/22/09 6:22:47PM
12/22/09 10:19:02PM
Truely a work of art Props to you Pookie Props to you!
12/23/09 1:01:16PM
12/23/09 4:57:22PM
Had I been able to post I would have been there to support you, Shogun is a monster and people judged him and said it's all an excuse. Shogun is the LHW champ and Machida better do some work to get that belt back.
4/15/10 10:10:03PM
I figured id bump and remind people of my awesomeness before the rematch happens
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