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9/27/07 12:35:34PM

Posted by cmill21

Cro Cop, is a Cop. Steroids are illegal, tough to convince me of that. And Shoguns fought in sanctioned US events with drug testing. I'm curious on how much knowledge you have of steroids, and why you think they have to do with cardio? Look at the guys from hammer house, then look at shogun Mirko and Wand, you'll see a bit of a difference (hammer house = roids)

wait a sec, have you seen Royce Gracie, Tim Sylvia, Hermes Franca? Do they look like guys on Roids? Well, they all have used... I personally do know a thing or two about Roids, and there are steroids that basically make your body where it tenses up after running for 2 minutes (making cardio next to impossible), and there are steroids for cutting (making cardio better). If there is one thing I know, not everyone that takes steroids ends up looking like the governor of California. But they do make you well over twice (and in some people way more) as aggressive. If they did nothing for your cardio, why would they ban them in the Olympics for any athlete that does nothing other than run?
9/27/07 1:12:41PM
hey guys new here..theres a article in a paper in brazil where rua claims he injured his knee in training sometime before the fight...when it comes to him gassing thats part of fighting..thers no excuse when you lose...i fought out of my weight class with amuch bigger guy and i lost plaun and fighters you have to be ready physically and matter how good you are if you gas your done...i think the size of the cage makes a difference also for the pride guys.. alot more room to move around..anyways thats my opinion...peace
9/27/07 5:55:24PM

Posted by rameses7878

. Never have I seen Shogun or Crocop gas like they have in the UFC. Wanderlei will also gas really quickly....maybe quicker than CC and Shogun.

You're 2nd post accusing fighters of taking steroids. Do you have some proof? If not, enough is enough
9/27/07 6:46:06PM
Ok..but it's pretty funny to see all the Pride superstars gas like they have. Also I remember reading an interview on Sherdog with Rampage, where he stated that there were steroids used by Pride fighteers..He didn't mention any names. I will look for that article....
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