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10/24/09 12:33:25PM
ANyone in the Baltimore area going to the first MMA event in MD? I am...I'm looking forward to it...its too bad I'm missing the machida shogun fight but I want to support local mma....especially its first time out of the gate.
10/24/09 12:38:55PM
I wish I could go, but I have plans. John Rollo is huge in Maryland MMA. He's the driving force for getting it legal here.
10/24/09 1:56:19PM
If I knew it was tonight I'd have tried to go before, but unfortunately I was in a bad car accident Thursday and I'll probably have to get another car, so I won't be able to go. Probably means no UFN 20 unless someone can get some comps for me, whic his a huge bummer because otherwise, I'm there. But have a hell of a time for me tonight-maybe some other time I can get up there and join you!
10/24/09 3:09:01PM
sorry to hear about your car...sounds like you made it through allright at least...
I can't go to UFN 20 either...I have school on that night and can't skip....hopefully they will come to bmore in 2010...I couldn't go to 101 either because I had a wedding to go to.
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