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7/25/08 12:32:39PM
Mauricio ‘Shogun‘ Rua may be getting a long-awaited rematch with Mark Coleman in December, according to a recent interview.

The Brazilian light-heavyweight said that the UFC had mentioned the bout to his management but nothing has been signed yet.

“I might face Mark Coleman on December, but nothing has been signed yet. He wanted to face me on November, and I really want to face him,” Rua told Tatame magazine.

“I hope this time he doesn’t run from me. He said no to me a couple of times, but I believe now it will happen.”

7/25/08 12:33:31PM
Shogun by sub, Rnd 1.
7/25/08 12:34:09PM
shogun should win this imo..
7/25/08 12:44:26PM
Shogun by complete and uder masacre however he wants.....
7/25/08 12:46:51PM
Shogun by round 2 KO.

Coleman will blow his wad in the first round to save his life by takedown attempts and lay & pray.

Coleman will not have anything left by round 2 to finish another takedown, and Shogun takes his head off on his feet.
7/25/08 12:59:51PM
i hope we see the real shogun return for this fight. i want to see total domination by shogun. i say they sign phil baroni to a one fight deal so the hammer house/chute box feud can be settled. shogun/coleman and w. silva/baroni. then we could see coleman and baroni get smashed! how great would that be!?!?
7/25/08 1:06:23PM

cheesy fight
7/25/08 1:07:56PM
Can Coleman make 205?? Or would this be a 1 off HW match-up I wonder??
7/25/08 1:22:08PM

Posted by ufcboss

Can Coleman make 205?? Or would this be a 1 off HW match-up I wonder??

It will be at LHW, Coleman was planning on fighting at 205 when he got in the UFC in the first place, but the UFC wanted him to fight Brock and he accepted. He said he was keeping his weight at around 220.

Here is part of an interview where he says he can fight at 205: (its from

Mark Coleman: I didn’t anticipate this match-up and just found out about it myself. In my mind, I thought I was possibly going to be fighting at 205 my next fight. So yeah, I am a little light. I’m probably walking around at 225. But there’s no sense in me trying to add a bunch of weight, because it’d be useless weight. I’ve been real strict on my diet to weigh 225, but I’ll probably come in around 230.

there was a video interview where he actually says he wants to fight at 205, and cutting 20lbs is easy for him, and that was his plan coming into the UFC (this is before he was offered Brock)
7/25/08 1:26:04PM

Posted by ufcboss

Can Coleman make 205?? Or would this be a 1 off HW match-up I wonder??

I was wondering the same thing. My guess is they have it as a HW fight, only because im not sure how much Coleman weighs nowadays.
7/25/08 1:29:14PM

Posted by ufcboss

Can Coleman make 205?? Or would this be a 1 off HW match-up I wonder??

I think they most likely fight at HW. I don't really like it... I would rather see Shogun return against Sokodjou.
7/25/08 1:30:29PM
Agree but Shogun by KO.
7/25/08 1:58:19PM
As long as shogun gets the win and then works his way back up to being dominate.
7/25/08 2:03:21PM
shogun round 2 KO
7/25/08 2:06:16PM
Hopefully Shogun will be 100% now. I like thhis match up because their first fight had some big hostility to it not to mention a weird ending, I would like to see Shogun dominate and then move on to soko and other top 205er's.
7/25/08 2:09:47PM
Coleman wan't be so lucky this time. Shogun R1, dustruction.
7/25/08 2:38:00PM
What if Coleman pulls it off? What does Coleman get, and If Shogun losses, is he out of the UFC?
7/25/08 2:58:03PM

Posted by RMFG_187

What if Coleman pulls it off? What does Coleman get, and If Shogun losses, is he out of the UFC?

Assuming we see the Shogun of old, the only way for Coleman to win is how he won last time. If Shogun shows up like he did against Forrest... Colemans got a great chance. Shogun will have probably one more fight before a title shot. Expect a Rampage rematch (if he's gtg by then), then a title shot. Coleman... same thing. Probably two fights before a shot. Thats not what he deserves of course. Thats just how Dana and Joe like to do things.
7/25/08 3:07:35PM
I don't know.I'm not so sold on the idea that Shogun will deystroy Coleman.
If if happens at LHW i think Shogun will win.But if at heavy-weight,considering all the problems Shogun has had lately health wise,Coleman may prove to ruin Shoguns return.
7/25/08 3:11:51PM
Coleman by arm breakage. Round 1
7/25/08 3:15:03PM
lame real lame if this fight goes down
7/25/08 3:33:22PM

Posted by DaMaGeInC

lame real lame if this fight goes down

I agree. I hope this fight is going down because Shogun really wants redemption. I don't think he proves anything at all by KO'ing this old man in the first round.
I think Shogun is better than this fight.
7/25/08 4:22:15PM

Posted by RMFG_187

What if Coleman pulls it off? What does Coleman get, and If Shogun losses, is he out of the UFC?

I dont think a loss will put him out, it'll depend on his performance. If he's bac as he used to be, he'll stay no matter what. If the knee is still messing with him I'd recommend early retirement
7/25/08 6:16:36PM

Posted by RMFG_187


cheesy fight

7/25/08 6:44:03PM
I see Coleman trying to knock Shogun out early, but gassing, and Shogun putting it on, late in the first or early in the 2nd.
7/25/08 6:50:15PM
great fight but meaningless for shogun
this fight won't help him move up at all
7/25/08 8:56:31PM
wow 1st fight back to fight coleman? Wow, what a mistake this would be.

I dont think Rua will lose, but daaammmn! If he losses this fight, it will ruin everything he has done up until this point. I think he should fight someone less talented, then rip coleman a new ahole!
7/25/08 11:17:42PM
Mark Colemans last fight was against Fedor in 06. He got sub'd by armbar. He fought at 245. I really think this fight is an IF fight. It will happen "if" shogun moves up. I really cant see Coleman fighting at 205 effectivly. IT will be an early sub by Shogun at either weight though. And to top it of He is 44, jst because Randy is a freak and can win at an older age, this is a young mans sport. Sorry Mark but its time to go to the mic. i think he woukld be a much better comentator for Affliction other than Frank trigg. I dont like that guy at all. IMO Shogun will get Houston Alexander for a welcome back fight.

EDIT: my bad i forgot that Alexander was fighting Schaffer. i think Shogun will either get the winner of Sokoudjou/Cane or the loser of Machida/T. Silva
7/25/08 11:22:18PM
I guess this is what we know in the fight world as a "tune up match".

Kind of a bummer. From Chuck to Coleman. Quite a drop in competitiveness.

They only brought Coleman in because he was a good matchup for Brock, and I guess this is there way of getting rid of him now.
7/26/08 12:05:04AM

Sure Coleman has see his better days,but you guys are acting like he is complete gutter trash.I guess i'm the only one happy to see Coleman come back?I mean sure their are better fights for Shogun out their,but a fight with Coleman really puts the pressure on Shogun to come out and dominate and show us the Brazilian we all know from PRIDE.I mean their's nothing easy about taking a fight were you are "so" favored to win.I'm willing to bet Shogun wins,but matches like this are always riskey career moves.

Coleman has shown us before he is full of suprises,and this "could" be a road block for Shoguns career if he comes out and shows anything less than a "dominating" performance.
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