Who should Shogun fight at UFC 76?

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POLL: Who wants a piece of Shogun?
Jason Lambert 6% (5)
"Babalu" Sobral 36% (28)
Houston Alexander 21% (16)
Wilson Gouveia 8% (6)
Lyoto Machida 17% (13)
somebody else... 13% (10)
6/23/07 12:41:28AM
He should fight Renato, he could avenge the loss and get a good victory.
6/23/07 12:59:46AM
I want him to avenge his lose against sobral...
6/23/07 3:40:00AM
Based on how Dana and the UFC like to market new fighters is to avenge losses (Rampage/Eastman). Babalu is a known commodity in the UFC general fans will know him as a recent Title contender. He may have lost to Jason Lambert recently but that was seen as a huge upset to true MMA fans and casual fans alike.

Shogun probably will be matched up against Babalu and should beat him faster than how Lambert did. That would legitimize him.

As for who I think should face him:TITO ORTIZ. Tito has called him out and it would be a big buy regardless of his UFC 73 performance. Casual fans know Tito and, love him or hate him, he is known as a threat in any match. If Shogun wins, it would be considered an "upset" to all the casual fans, and to all the hardcore fans it would be a good win in a UFC debut against someone who has Octagon experience and is a solid fighter.

Out of all the possible fighters that he could fight I like Tito Ortiz as the best fight for Shogun. We all know Dana hates Tito and if he wins or loses to Rashad what better way to bury him than to fight Shogun. Make Tito back his talk about calling out arguably the best 205 lb fighter in MMA right now.

Imagine it now UFC 76. Chuck vs Wandy and Tito vs Shogun... America vs Brazil. I'd pay some serious cash for that. They don't even need a title fight on it. Those two fights sell themselves hardcore and softcore fans alike.
6/24/07 1:21:14AM
I would love to see Shogun fight Babalu but I'm not sure if he's going to be fighting in the UFC in the future. What I would really prefer to see is Shogun Vs. Machida.
6/24/07 1:28:17AM
Since Babalu holds a win over Shogun, I believe that is the best bet.. however, I would also like to see a match against Machida or Lambert..
6/24/07 8:15:12AM
babalu wood be a nice rematch 2 c
6/24/07 9:14:47AM
Babalu makes the most sense, but Shogun would absolutely destroy him now. While Shogun has been on the rise, Babalu has fallen with his most recent loss to Lambert. They should probably let Shogun fight Babalu after Babalu gets a few more wins against some cans to build up his confidence to make the fight more interesting.

I wouldn't mind seeing Babalu fight against Machida. That would be fun as hell to watch!
6/24/07 8:02:31PM
machida or babalu
6/24/07 8:49:46PM
although i would love for mauricio to avenge his only real loss to babalu i cant see such a likeable fighter losing his thrid straight fight by knockout.....therefore i think we shoudl put him up against machida see if machida is as good as he's being made out to be
6/25/07 2:11:54AM
I think that he should fight lyoto. he has wins over bj ,rich franklin,and stephan bonner, so he is has a good game ,but he has a tendancy to leave it to the judges. but shogun will make sure it is an battle. so it should be a great match up
6/25/07 5:25:17AM
If the UFC pre-promte Shogun then I think he should go straight in for a title shot, like Henderson did............

if not......then Babalu.
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