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6/7/13 11:29:33AM
As usual, Chael Sonnen stepped up as a last-minute replacement to try and salvage a UFC pay-per-view event.

While Sonnen vs. Mauricio Rua wasn’t in the cards for UFC 161, the light heavyweight match up is now headlining UFC on FOX Sports 1: #1 in August.

Speaking from his desk job as an analyst for FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight, Sonnen explained why he felt a fight with “Shogun” made sense (transcription via MMA Mania).

6/7/13 2:41:24PM
I don't know about sonnen word of mouth
But shogun 6 years ago I could see him kicking wandy
Ass in the gym
6/7/13 3:50:49PM
"Which is not to say that Silva is easy on his friends. A couple of years ago, when Shogun’s prized pit bull gave birth to a litter of puppies, Silva asked for one to have as a pet and Shogun obliged. Money was never discussed. A few weeks later, Shogun asked him for a couple hundred dollars as payment and Silva said he thought the puppy was a gift. After negotiations stalled, the two decided to settle the dispute in the ring at Chute Boxe: They would lace up 16-ounce boxing gloves and fight for as many rounds as it took before one of them was knocked out. If Silva lost, he’d shell out the cash and if Shogun lost, the puppy was free. All of their coaches and training partners gathered around to watch the dream bout that hardcore MMA fans would never have the chance to see on television. “All I will say is that we went at it very hard and the fight ended in the first round,” recalls Silva, grinning from ear to ear. “And I did not pay for that puppy.”

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6/7/13 4:55:28PM
Haha. Love him or hate him, Sonnen is entertaining.

I do hope Wand knocks him out, but unfortunately I don't see that happening.

Also, I believe there are videos on YouTube of Wanderlei and Shogun sparring back when they were in Chute Box fighting in PRIDE. They were going pretty hard, and though Shogun looked like he was probably edging Wand out a little bit points wise, Wand actually looked like he was doing quite well.
6/7/13 5:51:21PM

Shogun ‘Destroyed Wanderlei for Years in the Practice Room’

That basically contradicts everything I've ever heard on the subject in the last decade or so. But if Chael 'The Troll' Sonnen says it's true then clearly it is the TRUTH.