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1/21/09 6:05:16PM

Posted by grappler0000

Posted by cmill21

Posted by chitown97

If Shogun doesn't change absolutely everything about his training camp he will get dropped quickly by Chuck. If he stands in front of Chuck like he did against Coleman he will be sleeping.
Chuck might not be top dog anymore but he can still throw an overhand right that will drop most people in the division, especially one that can't keep his hands up or move his head after the first round.
Shogun should switch camps and get busy living or get busy dying, another loss and he is gone.

P.S. Preferably a team that embraces good cardio training.

I'm just thinking out loud here but Wand stood directly in front of him and Chuck didn't put him down. I don't know if Chuck has it anymore, I haven't seen "it" in a while.

1. Standing in front of - opting to exchange strikes with your opponent. (i.e. Chuck/Wandy)

2. Standing in front of - literally standing in front of your opponent...with hands down and no energy to take it to the ground. (i.e. Shogun/Coleman)

I'm pretty sure chitown97 meant the latter of the two.

Thank you Grappler0000,
Staying in the pocket and trading shots with head movement and changing angles is one thing, literally standing there waiting for an opening with your hands down and mouth open will get you dropped by Chuck.

I know Chuck is on the decline but what kind of path am I supposed to believe Shogun is on? If hasn't declined then tell me what is going on because the guy who fought Coleman last Saturday is not the same guy from Pride.

Also, I am not saying he can't beat Chuck, but I am saying that he won't beat Chuck if he doesn't change everything about his training regimen.
1/22/09 12:02:28PM
Sorry, but those who think Shogun will beat Liddell... you're high. Your lust for Shogun has blinded you from the truth. He's a turd and Liddell is a legend (for a reason). I don't know if he's pining for his roids or what, but the Shogun we've seen in the UFC could fight Liddell 20 times and get KO'd in the first each time. Don't think Chuck has been losing because he isn't as good as he used to be. He probably the best he's ever been. It's just that the fighters he's been fighting are some of the best.
1/22/09 3:31:49PM
I have no clue what is going on with Shogun at this point. Is it still the knee? Poor training? Possibly a roids issue after coming over from Pride? All I know for sure is that if he brings the cardio he brought against Coleman he is going to sleep. However, if he manages to get himself back to where he once was at the end of the Pride days Liddell is in a world of trouble in my opinion. A top notch Rua is faster, stronger, better striker and far better ground game. This is a very interesting fight. Tons of Story lines....Pride vs. UFC....Young vs. Old......Is Shogun still Shogun???

All that being said my gut says Liddell by second round KO. Something is verrrry wrong with Shogun and I am not sure it can be fixed by April.
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