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7/27/09 8:43:40AM
On October 24 the least hit fighter in the history of the Octagon may be up against the most challenging stylistic match-up he has ever faced up until this point in his career.

UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida is set to defend his newly obtained championship for the first time when he faces off with a fellow Brazilian, and former training partner in Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 104.

7/27/09 10:06:00AM
shogun better come up with something, ground or standing won't be a tad easy for him
7/27/09 10:39:49AM
Truthfully I don't think he will come up with a gameplan that'll beat Machida, granted they're both great fighters, I think Machida will win this one.
7/27/09 11:01:18AM
I thought Shogun would be better on the ground tbh, hes very crafty. Guess I havent seen enough of Lyoto to comment on his ground game though, hes probably awesome there to.
7/27/09 11:49:00AM
Machida is also a BB in BJJ, so I don't know if Shogun will be able to submit him on the ground... Shogun's bread and butter is his lethal Muay Thai, so if he's going to win, he's going to need to catch the Dragon first, something that nobody has really been able to do.
7/27/09 12:35:15PM
this may be the start of some head games played by shogun..

i think we'll see this match on the floor as shogun rolls for a knee bar or something
7/27/09 2:12:23PM
I think its going to be very hard for Shogun to win this fight. Machida has been giving everybody trouble with his style of fighting and I think he will give Shogun trouble as well. I don't see Shogun winning this fight.
7/27/09 7:00:26PM
Every style gives people trouble until it's figured out and exploited. Bob Sapp was thought to be unstoppable until Cro Cop broke his face.
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