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3/14/07 10:10:08PM
Heey guys! How you doin´?

I´m new here, so be nice to me

Just wanted to say hi and introduce my fighting camp called Idiot Savant! You guys are more than welcome to check it out!

Anyways, I´m a big MMA fan, which is not a big surprise =)
I study medicine in Czech Republic, I usually live in Sweden, but I´m originally from Iran!

Enough said! Take it easy everyone! Peace!!

// Shoey
3/15/07 1:40:06PM
nice to have you to the sight and i hope you can find some ppl for your camp to make it a real camp. if your down for making wagers you should post and message me your picks i got all my money in the fight night right now but send me your ufc 69 picks and i will see if any arn't the same and send you a wager after the fight night is over.
3/15/07 5:08:44PM
Sveeden en de hause! Good luck here mate. Be cautious in the chatting rooms. They are like rabid wolves in theere