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POLL: most shockage?
Bisping TKO Rivera 3% (1)
Siver dec over Gsot 31% (11)
Ebersole domince over Lytle 42% (15)
BJ taking two rounds over Fitch 0% (0)
BJ/Fitch ending in draw 6% (2)
Fukuda getting robbed. 19% (7)
2/27/11 2:29:08AM
what was the most shocking?
i think Siver.
2/27/11 2:32:31AM
Fukuda getting robbed, seeing how Ring prolly didnt win a single round.
2/27/11 10:13:56AM
Gotta go with Bisping showing the true class act that he is by spitting on Jorge's trainer. Totally classy move!
2/27/11 10:22:51AM
Seeing bisping spit at the corner men and go on a tirade

Siver very very impressive game plan over g soto

The judges making bad calls on fukuda and fitch robbing them

Ebersole weird antics. Made anderson silva look normal

Overall grade. Gave payperview. 6/10
Ion 7/10

Wow two main events out of last three come to draws
2/27/11 2:37:50PM
I was shocked that Rivera continued after that knee. Not gonna lie though, he did deserve it. I like Bisping, but I think he got a little carried away by spitting on his crew. He couldve just flipped them off or show boated another way. I lost a little bit of respect for him last night. I thought he would just whoop him, and be humble about it.
2/27/11 3:34:20PM
The Fukuda decision takes it for me. A close second is Lytle getting beat.
2/27/11 3:46:46PM
I was most shocked that George couldnt get Siver to the ground, so I voted for that one. Probably Ebersole as close seconds. Lots of surprises for sure!
2/27/11 4:22:46PM
I would go with Bisping being completely classless, but I've come to expect that from him.

On a side note, I'm clearly of the opinion that Bisping knew what he was doing and threw that illegal knee intentionally. He should be suspended.
2/27/11 6:52:37PM
Siver I definitely didnt see that coming!!!!!

As for Bisping Im one of those rare Bisping fans but I was a little let down with his actions they weren't called for in my opinion regardless of how disrespectful he felt they were to him, he said he was a professional to Jorge at the pre fight but there was nothing professional about his actions.
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