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1/26/08 2:52:59AM
What did you think of the fights?I enjoyed it much more than the UFN 12.No knock on that,but thought tonites show on Showtime was great.Alvarez was real impressive in his debut and found all the fights entertaining anyway.
I really enjoy the combo of Renallo and Quadros on commentary and Frank Shamrock did a good job as well.
1/26/08 2:58:06AM
i thought it was the best one yet. lot of good stuff. paul daley and eddie alvarez looked great hose looked like he gassed towards the end of the round still a ruthless ko tho, overall great action.
1/26/08 3:59:28AM
Really happy Semtex won again.

It can only be a matter of time before he gets an internationally recognised belt of some sort.
1/26/08 10:22:04AM
War Kala!!
1/26/08 10:36:08AM
for any one who didnt get to see it, here is sam morgan vs paul daley

1/26/08 1:24:22PM
^^ That was good.

Am I missing something, why didn't the Secondary League allow us to pick on this event?
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