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3/18/08 8:33:56PM
Who knows the fight card for this....I know it's not a highly anticipated night but since I have Showtime I figured I'd take a look. Of all websites EliteXC doesn't show the card...LAME!!!
3/18/08 8:42:52PM
Other televised bouts just announced include:

160 lbs.: Marlon Matias (5-1) vs. Conor Huen (6-2)
140 lbs.: Cristiane Cyborg (5-0) vs. Jen Case (4-1)
265 lbs.: Shane Del Rosario (3-0) vs. Analu Brash (2-1)
140 lbs.: Mark Oshiro (9-1) vs. Chris Caraiso (6-0)

And the non-televised dark matches:

160 lbs.: Karen Darabedyn (2-1) vs. TBA
170 lbs.: Devin Howard vs. Mark Kempthorne (1-4)
265 lbs: Amadeo Viola (0-1) vs. Jason Williams
170 lbs.: Luke Riddering vs. TBA
170 lbs.: Kenny Johnson vs. TBA

Wow all....I see I have answered my own question.
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