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6/25/09 11:39:53AM
Shinya Aoki is one of the best lightweights in mixed martial arts, and he's the most exciting submission artist in the sport. And Aoki, who fights in the Japanese Dream promotion, is also well known for the colorful spandex pants he wears in the ring. But don't dare ask Aoki whether those pants help him apply those exciting submissions.

6/25/09 3:06:47PM
doesn't matter why he wears them : just FEAR THEM
6/25/09 6:00:49PM
Strechy pants is to Aoki as Beard is to Chuck Norris
6/25/09 6:14:11PM
Well the pants do help apply subs but its everyone's right to wear rainbow stretchy pants if they want. So I don't see an issue with it.
6/26/09 1:17:26AM
Could he wear them if he fought in the UFC ?
6/26/09 10:16:34AM

Posted by MMAcca

Could he wear them if he fought in the UFC ?

probably not bc its mandatory for fighters to wear shorts that are inspected and all that other mix aha
6/26/09 12:55:49PM
Everyone knows Aoki is cheating by wearing the pants. Well since Dream allows it i guess its not cheating but is an unfair advantage. Many fighters have come out and said his pants feel like Fly Paper. Anyone who has ever grappler knows that the GI soaks up sweat and adds grip making it harder to escape submissions. Just imagine how effective his pants are. I dont think its a coincidence either.
6/26/09 12:59:26PM
"Could he wear them if he fought in the UFC ? "

No, you can not. The UFC/ NSAC is very strict on the equipment that fighters wear. You have to wear Board Shorts ala Tapout, Sprawl, etc or speedo styles like Shonie Carter and Ken Shamrock are known for.
6/26/09 6:36:56PM
Surely it can't be considered cheating if Aoki's opponents are allowed to wear similar pants.......
6/27/09 9:32:00AM
What good would it do a wrestler to have sticky pants? A striker? Aoki is a very good BJJ guy. He has a very good guard. He is flexible which allows him to attempt lots of subs from his back. Having pants like that give him a HUGE avantage. It is almost impossible to escape the subs due to them. Aokis style and set of skills allow him to take full advantage when most others couldnt. Which is the sole reason why this isnt allowed by the State Athletic commissions. To keep everyone on a level playing field.
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