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7/20/09 6:09:27PM
Shinya Aoki vs. Joachim Hansen 3 at Dream 11

FEG has today announced the rubber match between the two lightweights, as the Dream lightweight title will be on the line at Dream 11.
7/20/09 6:13:10PM
Im going to pick Hansen which prolly means Aoki will win because I suck at picking DREAM fights. I think I got like 17 at the last event.
7/20/09 8:37:41PM
Damn this card is stacked.

Hansen vs. Aoki
Jacare vs. Mayhem
JZ vs. TBA
Semi finals and finals of Super Hulk Grand Prix
Semi finals and finals of featherweight grand prix

I love me some Dream
7/20/09 8:39:06PM
That's going to be one hell of a fight. Even though Aoki is awesome with his stretchy pants haha, I gotta go with Hansen to win the fight.
7/20/09 8:39:44PM
I think Aoki will get the submission like he did back in 2006.
7/20/09 8:48:07PM
Hansen TKO. Im still shocked Aoki won a fight using his striking today but I think Hellboys going to smash him.
7/20/09 9:57:42PM
huge match up i gotta go with fancy pants on this one
7/20/09 11:23:30PM
Glad the rubber match is official, and this time, like the previous time, I'm picking Hansen to win. I think he'll be able to TKO Aoki again, the only factor that might be in Aoki's favor (aside from the obvious BJJ) is over year of ring rust on Hansen part. Also I'm calling it right now Warren and Minowaman win the SH and FW GP's
7/21/09 2:24:32AM
Hellboy is going to put it on him like the last time, I hope. I had no problem with Aoki wearing the pants until last night. He wore regular trunks but had the tights on underneath. Thats cheap, they obviously give him a advantage or he would have just worn the shorts. Whatever. I do like the Baka Survivor song though.
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