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6/27/12 8:35:07PM
Former DREAM lightweight champion Shinya Aoki will join the One FC roster and is expected to debut on the Aug. 31 show in Manila in the Philippines.

Aoki comes to One FC after a tumultuous last few months due to the uncertainty that was surrounding DREAM and that promotion’s future in Japan.

6/27/12 8:36:58PM
ONE FC is playing it smart, making a lot of great pick ups.

Plus seeing Roger's head being used as a football=Priceless.
6/27/12 9:16:13PM
Not surprising. Still waiting to see that they get the Kawajiri, Hellboy, Takaya, Tokoro, Maeda, Ishida, Nishiura, etc. fallout also. Their lower weight divisions are going to be very formidable very quickly.
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