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9/10/10 9:33:07PM
Drew Fickett defeated. Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett via 3:34 Rnd 1 Sub (Guillotine Choke)
Dennis Bermudez defeated Shannon Gugerty via UD
Kyle Baker defeated James Warfield via SD (3 rounds)
Rich Crunkilton defeated Carlo Prater via SD (3 rounds)

Semifinal Bouts
Drew Fickett defeated. Dennis Bermudez via 2:02 Rnd 1 Sub (Rear-Naked Trigg)
Carlo Prater defeated Charlie Brown via MD (2 rounds)

Drew Fickett defeated Carlo Prater via 2:02 Rnd 1 Sub (Rear-Naked Trigg)

Quarterfinal and semifinal bouts will consist of two five-minute rounds with a three-minute overtime in the event of a draw. No elbows in the first two rounds, but they're allowed in the three-by-five final. Also, yellow cards (and, thus, purse deductions) will be in effect. Fights are being contested in a 24-foot ring.

9/10/10 9:33:53PM
Drew Fickett (37-13) vs. Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett (23-17-2)

Round 1: Fickett clinches with Bennett and wrestles him down with double underhooks. Bennett escapes a brief armbar attempt and they're back to the feet. Tentative pawing for a moment before Fickett dumps Bennett down again. Fickett looking to pass to the side of Bennett, who's framing up a kimura on Fickett's left arm! He uses the hold to sweep and threatens with the move, but eventually releases it. Another armbar attempt from Fickett underneath, and this one looks tighter. Bennett lifts Fickett off the mat and twirls him around, playing to the crowd. He slams Fickett on his head, but Fickett stays awake. Back to the feet and Fickett jumps guard with a tight arm-in guillotine. Bennett falls over as he taps out. Early night for the fan favorite "Krazy Horse."

Drew Fickett (38-13) def. Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett (23-18-2) via submission (guillotine choke) R1, 3:34
9/10/10 9:50:47PM
Shannon Gugerty (12-5) vs. Dennis Bermudez (6-0)

Round 1: Bermudez rushes Gugerty into the ringpost immediately. He backs out and throws a few punches which miss before muscling Gugerty into the corner again. Gugerty shucks him off and they circle for a moment... they return to the clinch. The pair slips through the middle ropes and into a camera man. Bermudez head-hunting with an overhand right that misses by a mile, then goes back to the clinch where he scores with some knees inside. Bermudez pushes Gugerty against the ropes and both men tumble through and onto the scorer's table. Gugerty may have injured himself as he fell on his back and remained motionless for a moment after the fall. The round ended just as they tumbled out of the ring. 10-9 Bermudez.

Round 2: Similar to the end of the first round, Bermudez goes to push Gugerty into the ropes... but seems to think better of it at the last moment. Bermudez starting to put together some combinations on the feet. He snares Gugerty in a guillotine with just about three minutes left and they fall to the mat. Bermudez can't finish with the hold and settles for short punches from top control. Bermudez doesn't want tto hang out in Gugerty's guard and lets him back up. And they clinch again. Gugerty jumps a guillotine and Bermudez slams his way out right away. Gugerty turtles up as Bermudez punches from the top and Bermudez takes his back with a minute remaining. Bermudez lets Gugerty back up and closes out the round - and probably the match - landing a few more jabs and leg kicks. 10-9 Bermudez. scores the bout 20-18 Bermudez.

Dennis Bermudez (7-0) def. Shannon Gugerty (12-6) via unanimous decision
9/10/10 10:06:22PM
James Warfield (21-6) vs. Kyle "Alley Cat" Baker (8-4)

Round 1: First kick from Warfield catches Baker low and hard. Baker winces but signals that he's ready to resume after a minute. Another minute goes by with tentative exchanges and the trading of leg kicks, before Warfield cracks Baker with a left hook. Baker presses Warfield into the ring post, where he catches another hard groin shot, this time a knee from the clinch. Baker recovers and they restart with 2:22 left in the frame. Warfield charges Baker with a wild flying knee which misses wide. And another. Warfield grabs the Thai plum and lands a jumping knee, and a follow up two-piece. Warfield dumps the now-bleeding Baker on the mat with a double-leg, but they're not there long before the ref wants Baker's cut looked at by the ringside doctor. The cut is small but deep, right on outer corner of Baker's left eyebrow. The fight continues and Warfield continues his flashy barrage of knees wild punches. Warfield trips Baker to one knee and jumps a guillotine just as the round ends. 10-9 Warfield.

Round 2: Warfield targeting the cut over Baker's left eye with his right hand. Hard teep kick to the body from Baker, then a roundhouse. Warfield tries another flying knee, but Baker moves out of the way and Warfield flies over the top rope and onto the scorer's table. This is ridiculous. Warfield is conscious but not moving for a moment and he's clutching the right side of his ribcage when he gets back into the ring. The doctor checks Warfield out, the ref hands him his mouthpiece, and they restart. Warfield catches a kick rushing in and nearly falls through the ropes again. Baker landing his best combinations of the fight now, putting Warfield on wobbly legs. Warfield may be hurt and fading, but Baker's cut has reopened and is dripping blood down the left side of his face. Warfield catches a kick and dumps Baker to the floor. Baker rushes with a knee, then clinches and connects with a few more. Two minutes left. Warfield slips on a high kick and Baker chases him down to side control. Baker sinks in a rear-naked choke with 20 seconds left, but he's off to one side and Warfield escapes. Warfield punches from back mount to finish out the round. This may be headed to overtime. 10-9 Baker.

Round 3: Overtime it is. Warfield circles the perimeter of the ring as Baker stands in the center. Warfield slips on another kick and again Baker capitalizes. Baker's gushing blood as he works from side control on Warfield's right. Warfield scrambles to his feet and Baker briefly looks for an anaconda choke, then relents. Both fighters fall through the ropes again as they clinch, but they only goes as far as the ring apron this time. Warfield puts Baker in the corner, drops levels for a single-leg that's not coming. Baker sprawls and starts elbowing away to the body of Baker. The referee stands them up and issues Warfield a yellow card. 10-9 Baker.

Kyle Baker (9-4) def. James Warfield (21-7) via split decision
9/10/10 10:49:53PM
Rich Crunkilton (16-3) vs. Carlo Prater (24-7-1)

Round 1: The last quarterfinal is underway after a short break to tighten the ring ropes. Good call. Clinch work early on with Crunkilton looking for the takedown. Prater with a left jab and jumping knee, then clinches with Crunkilton briefly before executing a big trip/sweep. Crunkilton rushes Prater looking for a leg and... surprise, they fall through the middle ropes. Crunkilton lands a left that backs Prater off, but only momentarily as he comes back in with a flying knee that finds its mark. We're being warned of "technical difficulties" by the booth and advised that there'll be a brief intermission coming up. Crunkilton takes Prater down against the ropes, but Prater pops back up. Crunkilton bleeding from the nose as the round ends. 10-10.

Round 2: Part of the round cut off by Shine's "technical difficulties," part by my own. The round clock has disappeared, so not quite sure where we're at. Crunkilton being the aggressor, stumbles Prater and then goes to the clinch. Crunkilton scores a takedown but can't do anything with it. Prater surges back with a flying knee in the final seconds, but it's Crunkilton's round. 10-9 Crunkilton.

Round 3: Another three-minute overtime round. Both men swinging tired arm punches as the commentators note that "Crunkilton's jab has been very effective." Prater stuffing Crunkilton's takedown attempts easily this round. Prater cracks Crunkilton with a straight right, then a flying knee. Crunkilton answers with a desperate one-two of his own, then tries to dump Prater through the ropes. Prater hits the switch and sends Crunkilton through the ropes as the fight ends.10-9 Crunkilton.

Rich Crunkilton (17-3) def. Carlo Prater (24-8-1) via split decision
9/10/10 11:03:39PM
Semifinal Bout #1
Drew Fickett (38-13) vs. Dennis Bermudez (7-0)

Round 1: Bermudez rushes but it's Fickett who gets the early takedown. They scramble back up and Bermudez tags Fickett with a right, though a slip may have also played a role. Fickett flashes a heel hook and uses it to take side control on Bermudez, then back mount. Fickett underneath on Bermudez' back looking for the rear-naked choke. Bermudez defending well, but Fickett has locked up a body triangle and there's a way to go in the round. Fickett finall gets his arm under the chin of Bermudez and hands him his first loss.

Drew Fickett (39-13) def. Dennis Bermudez (7-1) via submission (rear-naked choke) R1, 2:02
9/10/10 11:08:58PM
Wow, both quarterfinal winners, Baker and Crunkilton, couldn't continue.

Semifinal Bout #2
Carlo Prater (24-8-1) vs. Charlie "Hollywood" Brown (9-2)

Round 1: Both Kyle Baker and Rich Crunkilton are out of the semifinals. Alternate winner Charlie Brown (who won a two-round majority decision earlier in the evening) meets the returning Carlo Prater. Brown entered the ring first and has been sitting in his corner (with Ben Henderson) for several minutes now as officials look for Prater. The announce team intimates that Prater may be having his hands re-wrapped. Prater finally makes his way to the ring and we're underway. They're trading leg kicks and pawing tentatively for the first few minutes. Brown catches a kick low, but he's alright. Prater goes for the first takedown of the match, a single that backs Brown into the ropes, but Brown sprawls and stays upright. They disengage and Brown wobbles Prater with a flurry, follows up with inside knees from the clinch. Brown pushes Prater into the corner and punches away at the body. Prater trips Brown to the mat as the round ends. 10-9 Brown.

Round 2: Prater tries to drag Brown again, but Brown gets underhooks and reverses Prater into the post. Brown lands a few solid knees in the clinch before one catches Prater low. They resume quickly. Prater trips Brown to the mat and Brown closes guard. Prater punching to the body while Brown angles for a triangle. Prater takes his back for a moment but Brown escapes out the backdoor. Another takedown for Prater. He dives through Brown's guard and grabs for a leglock, but Brown reverses and the round expires. 10-9 Prater.

Carlo Prater (25-8-1) def. Charlie "Hollywood" Brown (9-3) via majority decision
9/10/10 11:16:23PM
Nice; Dwayne Lewis makes me $80 real money on the MFC card TKO'ing Nickels in 90 seconds. Thank you sir, may I have another. Anyone else watching/following either card ?
9/10/10 11:29:41PM
Final Bout
Drew Fickett (39-13) vs. Carlo Prater (25-8-1)

Round 1: Immediate takedown from Fickett. Within the first 30 seconds, referee Shane Garrett warns both fighters to "fight for action or you'll get a yellow card." Guessing he hasn't filled his quota for the evening. Fickett stands up in Prater's guard and threatens a leglock, then shucks it aside and passes to Prater's right. Fickett gets mount and Prater gives up his back. Close rear-naked choke attempt from Fickett, but Prater flips back over. Seconds later, Fickett's sinking in the RNC again and Prater barely gets a tap out before going to sleep. Three first round submissions from Fickett to win the tourney.

Drew Fickett (40-13) def. Carlo Prater (25-9-1) via submission (rear-naked choke) R1, 2:02
9/10/10 11:30:12PM
yeah, ive been watching shine
kinda wish baker could have kept fighting
but ficketts got this
9/10/10 11:45:43PM
Fickett just dominated that tourney. Nice to see him get his head on straight.
9/11/10 12:02:49AM

Happy to see Fickett get the tourney win! Hope this is a sign of good things to come for The Master.
9/11/10 12:17:03AM
Charlie Brown lost??

......Good Grief......

Also, whoever built the ring for shine fights must of had a shine on, ive never seen so many people fall from a ring in one event.

9/11/10 1:27:17AM
Drew Fickett back to the UFC?? lol
9/11/10 1:45:18AM
Not yet, he got a couple of good wins tonight, but hte UFC won't outright re-sign him because he had one night of good if he continues to do this and make up for that 2008 string of losses....then they may come calling.
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