2 Shine Fights Executives Step Down

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1/3/11 3:09:59PM
The burgeoning Shine Fights promotion has lost two of its top officials. COO Jason Chambers and matchmaker Santino DeFranco have resigned from the organization. Chambers joined the promotion soon after the collapse of "Shine Fights: Worlds Collide" and a Din Thomas vs. Ricardo Mayorga headliner. The May show was canceled on the day of the event because of numerous regulatory issues and a contract dispute that halted boxer Mayorga from making his MMA debut. The organization recently announced the signings of fighters such as Rolles Gracie, Mike Ciesnolevicz and Efrain Escudero, but no upcoming shows have been set. The organization is run by Devin Price, a businessman who's the brother of former UFC fighter Dorian Price.

1/3/11 3:43:01PM
Sounds like the beginning of the end.
1/3/11 4:59:36PM
The begining was the end Shine has been such a joke from jump
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