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12/20/08 6:57:44AM
Top ranked welterweight Jake Shields is tired of waiting and wondering. He wants job stability, and more importantly, to establish himself as the world’s best.

“I’m just sick of not knowing when I'm going to fight,” he told

In recent months, Shields has had anything but stability. Since the financial woes of ProElite virtually closed the organization and put a lock down on communications with its fighters, Shields has been in the dark about his future.

12/20/08 9:11:37AM
Shields wants to get KTFO
12/20/08 10:14:13AM
Personally, I'd love to see shields in the UFC but not against top competitors, yet. I think he's good, just not good enough yet, maybe set him up with guys like johnson/kampmann before stepping up with guys like Kos/Swick/Alves. I believe one day he will have a place, I just think they're holding out until Elite is merely a bad memory for everyone.
12/20/08 11:14:25AM
Be careful what u wish for
12/20/08 12:09:45PM
If gsp loses to penn, than this is a realistic match up. But how does shields plan on winning this fight exactly? Penn couldnt sub him, serra couldnt sub him.... and gsp is now a legit blackbelt. I dont think shileds thinks he can control where the fight goes... so that kinda eliminates the possibility of a decision. And does anybody actually think that shields can outstrike gsp? I think it would be a great tuneup fight if gsp lost to penn, but i wouldnt be suprised if it was a +900 -900 fight
12/20/08 12:25:36PM
Shields is def meant for the UFC. He is a top level grappler up there with Kos and Fitch and with the right amount of time, he could improve his stand up to last in the UFC. Let him rise through the ranks and I'd say in a year or two he will be a top contender at WW.
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