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8/24/09 4:51:34PM

It’s expected that the winner of the 185-pound contest between Shields and Miller will challenge reigning Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Cung Le later this year to unify the belts.

Le is currently tied up with several Hollywood-related projects outside the cage that have kept him out of action for more than one year. He expects to return to competition by the end of 2009 or early 2010.

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8/24/09 4:56:03PM
i think miller is in trouble
8/24/09 5:15:15PM
Miller had been expected to face Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza at DREAM.11 on Oct. 6 to contest the Japanese-based organization's vacant middleweight title. DREAM recently released the fight poster for the event, and it did not feature the two fighters, fueling speculation that the anticipated bout had been scrapped.
8/24/09 5:56:53PM
I think Jacare is a harder fight for Miller truth be told so I think I almost like Miller's chances against Shields better than I did against Jacare. I'm thinking about taking Miller in this one. I don't think Shields subs him if Jacare couldn't.
8/24/09 6:29:19PM
This is going to be an interesting fight. I really like both fighters and they both are very talented but I gotta go with my fellow San Francisco native, Jake Shields.
8/24/09 6:38:21PM
maybe souza is excluvsive to strikeforce now and when shields beats miller we may get shields -vs-souza for the title=awesome
8/24/09 6:45:03PM
Yeah I was wondering if the miller/souza fight was still going to happen.
8/24/09 6:54:36PM
I think Shields will take the UD on this one.......I see him using his wrestling to control the fight.......
8/24/09 7:33:39PM
Miller UD.
8/24/09 7:56:30PM
Man, I cant wait who will replace both of them when they have to pull from the fight. Thats what makes Strikeforce so exciting
8/24/09 8:21:08PM

Posted by Aaronno9

Miller UD.

Jason keeps this fight standing and either TKO or UD's Sheilds. Sheilds struggled to get Semtex to the mat and finish, Miller has a legit ground game and is unlikely to be sub'd by Sheilds, not to mention Miller's wrestling is really good. Miller is a complete package, Sheilds is not and since Miller has been training for Jacare he is going to be ready when it comes to subs and wrestling.
8/24/09 9:21:24PM
I have never been the least bit impressed with Shield's standup if Mayhem can keep it on the feet he should do great. That being said Mayhem isnt going to get submitted either. Should be an interesting fight. This one will go to the cards.
8/25/09 3:19:37AM
I think Miller can win this fight. I think he's a better striker and he's solid on the ground...maybe not as good as Shields but he's not too far off. I think this is actually a test fight for Shields. If he can beat Miller pretty well, it would make me think he really is what he is advertised as.
8/25/09 3:31:21AM
Great fight!
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