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10/30/09 9:47:06PM
Jake Shields officially makes the move to middleweight from the 170-pound weight class where he’s ranked third in the world for a shot at the vacant Strikeforce 185-pound title against Jason “Mayhem” Miller on Nov. 7, but the leap in weight class may not be permanent.

“I just think right now in Strikeforce, they have more names at middleweight, so I decided to stick there,” Shields told “I’m certainly willing to go 170, but they don’t have any big names to offer me.

10/30/09 10:27:23PM
He's totally right, about the whole thing. If he want's a quality opponent at WW he needs to sign with the UFC.
EDIT: Sorry, or go to Japan.
10/31/09 1:53:04AM
It is a shame he isn't with the UFC... but he shouldn't stay at middleweight. Bring him in and let him fight some talented WW in the only organization that REALLY matters.
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