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8/24/07 1:25:41PM
POOR GUY. What are ur guy's thoughts?
8/24/07 1:27:39PM
It hasn't happened yet. That won't happen unless he loses the appeal of his failed drug test after UFC 73.
8/24/07 1:59:54PM
he didnt get stripped yet so i dont know
8/24/07 2:07:03PM
A source close to Sherk recently told ( that the fighter’s legal team is testing a variety of supplements the fighter consumed during his training for UFC 73. According to the source, Sherk’s team hopes it can point to one of the over-the-counter supplements as the reason he unknowingly ingested a banned substance.------------

I hope this is what his high priced lawyer is not relying on the "tainted supplement" excuse.

gracie's numbers were 50 sherks were 12. now if he uses the tainted supplement excuse it doesnt work and ill tell you why: if you used tainted supps. you would not know that they were tainted..right. so your levels would be high like gracies, but if you added esters to nandrolone the half life is a few days hence your numbers being 12. and if they test you again in 10 dyas youd be clean. sounds more like someone did their cycle wrong! How can they prove to the csac that whatever supps they test are the actually the same ones he was taking? doesn't sound good for old sherky

8/24/07 2:12:12PM
We had a huge conversation about this on that UFCJunkie topic in the comments section. Even if you prove a tainted supplement, the ruling will be upheld because he did fight with a substance in his system. His name will be cleared of knowingly taking it, but he's still going to be suspended. If Dana decides to strip he regardless of whether he knew or not, that's his decision.

We did have a good conversation about how supplements may not list that ingredient. If Sherk could prove its in there, he could sue that company for damages, reputation damages, and loss of wages due to fights, etc. He could literally come out with a huge profit, and it'd be a defining moment in the creation of supplements and labeling of supplements. A lot of companies are making money off supplements that cause athletes to test positive, it's a shame, and they don't have to list all the ingredients.
8/24/07 9:06:19PM
First off I am a Sherk fan. He was one of the fighters that got me into this sport.

That said, I'm also an MMA and sports fan and understand the serious threat that steroids place to both. I hope hope hope that he is cleared of knowingly taking a substance and that even if he is suspended he will keep the title.

But, I can understand Dana's prediciment. He needs to send a message to the rest of the UFC especially to the guys at the bottom of the ladder to show that no one, even belt holders are above the rules. Train hard, moniter what you take, and do not cheat because you will get caught and there will be consequences.

If Sherk is cleared and even if he is stripped I don't see this as the end for him. He is a great fighter and a great champ and we have not seen the last of him at the top levels of the octogon.
8/24/07 9:13:48PM

Posted by Ultimate_fighter

POOR GUY. What are ur guy's thoughts?

Poor guy? He cheated, maybe. If he did strip the title and suspend him for a year.
8/24/07 10:03:30PM
If he did take roids...that is bad...but i don't think it affected his fights too much. He is one very scary dude.
8/25/07 2:41:28AM
8/25/07 6:30:38AM
I think he should lose the belt, regardless of whether or not he knowingly took any banned substance. Such a move would be a good warning to everyone fighting in MMA to monitor and know what they take, rather than let themselves wind up in the same predicament.
8/25/07 1:44:05PM
he'll get stripped, nobody wins those appeals, and its smarter from a business aspect b/c then they can make a heavy fan favorite BJ Penn champ and have him defend against a deep and growing talent pool.
8/25/07 5:19:08PM
Fighting is his Job. His body is his tools. The rules say no Roids. No matter how the rule was broken, the fact is it was broken. He needs to know what is going into his body at all times, its part of his job.

He has to be stripped due to this fact and also he was off for how long with the injury, if they let him keep the belt that will be another year till there is a lw title fight. He fought kenny 10-14-06 then Hermes 7-7-07 thats nine months without a title fight for a new division. If I read corectly the suspension would have started after the fight (but I could be wrong. Let me know if I am.) So your next title fight would be July of 08, in almost 2 years you have only had one title fight.

It would be very hard to get the Gomis and Kids of the world to come over if they have to wait that long for their shot. Not to mention the talent you already have (B.J. Penn) going up to 170. I hope he can clear his name but even if he dose he has to sit out the year and lose his belt.
8/25/07 7:46:13PM
I really believe Sherk when he said he didnt know he took can tell by looking at the guy he takes plenty of supplements and there is a good chance some combination could have tested positive.

He should get stripped though accident or not cause rules are rules. He does not deserve to wear the belt if he had steroids in his system and that is a fact. I think he will come back more motivated then ever and could recapture the title.
8/25/07 8:04:58PM
If BJ stays at 155 Sherk's just holding the title for him anyway ;)
8/25/07 10:52:38PM
I think if Sherk does test positive for a banned substance he should be stripped of the title. There is a bad pattern of MMA fighters not just the fighters in the UFC testing positive for banned substances seems like after every show. Maybe if they make examples out of some of these big name fighters it will make others think twice before dopping. This problem seems to be getting out of hand as of late. Anyone on here remember a few years back win Tim Syliva reliquished his title after a positive test. He was set to be stripped of the title until he took the action into his own hands. Examples need to be made of these guys dopping imo.
8/26/07 4:27:15AM

Posted by Jackelope

If BJ stays at 155 Sherk's just holding the title for him anyway ;)

I dont believe that at all I think Sherk would run through bj, dont get me wrong bj is great but sherk is leaps and bounds above that divison.
8/26/07 3:02:34PM

Not a thing sad about it, tainted supps. is a very sad excuse it sounds like he got his cycle wrong by the amount found in his system as previously stated but he needs to stand up and admit it like a man and quit acting like a victim, If you do something wrong take your punishment. BJ would have whipped his ass anyway, lol
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