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10/23/08 8:27:56AM
Sean Sherk has won 32 mixed martial arts fights. He’s lost three: to Georges St. Pierre, Matt Hughes and B.J. Penn, each an all-time great in the sport.

“The best of the best of the best,” Sherk said.

At 35 he is an MMA stalwart himself, one of the pioneers of the game who first joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship for UFC 30, when he was “just some farm kid from Minnesota.”

Yet he enters UFC 90 in nearby Rosemont on Saturday at the crossroads of his career, dealing with questions about his past successes as much as his potential for future ones.

On the humble undercard this time, he’ll fight up-and-coming Tyson Griffin, 24, a guy who could rightfully be called a young Sean Sherk. Griffin even modeled some of his wrestling game from watching Sherk fights back when he was just a fan.

Sherk is well aware of the stakes. He was on top of the world 15 months ago, when he outlasted Hermes Franca in a 25-minute test of wills to defend his UFC lightweight championship.

10/23/08 8:40:37AM
Sherk is in a tough spot right now. He has to win since losing to BJ and now he's on undercards. I don't forsee him beating BJ unless BJ loses and somehow mentally is a mess and Sherk runs through him but thats far from happening. Sherk loves this sport and he's not Matt Hughes so he'll adapt his game to whatever he has to do to compete. I just can't see him as champ again. And even T. Griffin is going to be quite a test for him. If he loses you many see a Alverez vs Sherk fight done the road. If we pick him up.
10/23/08 11:29:40AM
i think that he is still #2 or #3 in the LW division but with bj on top of the mountain he will never be champ again he is like Rich Franklin in the MW division. Very good but not good enough to beat the champ.
10/23/08 12:05:36PM
I don't understand why Sherk wanted to stand up with BJ. He admitted that that was his gameplan. BJ may be hard to takedown, but geez, standing up with him with a thick body and short arms that equal no reach, is just crazy.
I see Sherk beating Grffin. Edgar beat Griffin using a lot of wrestling and some standup, and Sherk probably has a faster pace than Edgar. When training, no one eats better than Sherk, and he trains just as hard, if not harder than anyone. I still don't think he can beat BJ though, so he'll be stuck at the #2 or 3 position for a while. The Rich Franklin analogy is appropriate. I like Sherk, I don't think he knowingly used any steroids, and I respect him and his work ethic. The fact is though, that he would have a serious hard time beating someone like Penn.
10/23/08 1:18:14PM
I think Sherk will be champion again because he'll take the time to improve his standup skills.
10/23/08 1:25:48PM

Posted by tepid55

I think Sherk will be champion again because he'll take the time to improve his standup skills.

And beat BJ how exactly ?
10/23/08 3:07:04PM
After seeing Gray Maynard kicks the crap out of Edgar, I think he's going to be the title holder down the road, not Sherk or anyone else.
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