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POLL: Sherk vs. Mayweather-- who wins?
Shek 94% (61)
Mayweather 6% (4)
4/26/07 7:42:35PM
In the latest salvo in the war of words between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the UFC, Sean Sherk says he'd beat the champion boxer quickly in an MMA match.

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Fanboy 1988
4/26/07 7:52:10PM
It's kinda hard to disagree with him on that, the fight would probably be remanicent of Royce and art Jimmerson...
4/26/07 8:09:00PM
Sherk wins if it is a MMA fight; Mayweather wins if it is a boxing match. End of story.
4/27/07 12:10:38AM

Posted by MMA

Sherk wins if it is a MMA fight; Mayweather wins if it is a boxing match. End of story.

Only thing left to do now is let Mayweather in on the secret.
4/27/07 9:21:22AM
Well if they ever got in a street fight. Sherk would kill Mayweather
4/27/07 4:18:50PM
maywether should worry about his upcoming match against de la hoya.

sherk would pull his pants down and spank him anyway!
4/30/07 4:20:07PM
Check out the post i made on this in the discussion forum met sean this weekend 4/28 and i asked him about it he said PBF is just talking shit trying to hype his fight with de la hoya that he would take that fight on a days notice and wouldnt even train for it he also said that an event like that would not only be huge for him financilly but more importantly massive for MMa period for the LW champ to destory possibly the greatest P4P fighter of alltime would be huge he said altough he respects PBF in the boxing ring and his accomplishments that he would bite off more than he can chew to step into a cage with him and he also said dana upped his offer to over 5million to fight Sherk
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