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6/1/07 2:47:21AM
I'm open to put some money down on Sherk to take out Franca, send in your offer's and lets see whats up.
6/1/07 1:32:38PM
What odds are you offering? The last line I saw had Sherk over a 2:1 favorite...
6/5/07 4:08:11AM
I dont really get the whole odd's thing I'm just lookin for someone to Wager with cause I know alot of people out there are nuthuggin Franca and think he is gonna demolish Sherk.
6/6/07 12:05:25PM
So does that mean that you aren't playing the odds and hoping someone with no intelligence takes the bet with even odds?
6/6/07 3:49:34PM
If Franca fans arent intelligent sure.
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