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7/21/07 6:40:15AM

Less than 24 hours after the news that both competitors in the recent lightweight title fight at UFC 73 had tested positive for steroids, it has been confirmed by the California State Athletic commission that champion Sean Sherk has filed an appeal. ....
7/23/07 3:53:25PM
UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk issued a statement addressing the positive test for Nandrolone following his July 7, title defense against Hermes Franca. In the statement Sherk maintained his innocence.

"At the present time I cannot explain the positive drug test in Sacramento California. I know I have never used any steroids or any other banned substances, I am investigating possible causes of my positive test with my attorney. I have never cheated, all of my success has come from hard work and dedication to my sport."

Sherk's appeal will go in front of the California State Athletic Commission on August 6, at 10am. Sherk has retained Howard Jacobs to represent him in connection with those charges.

The meeting is open to the media and the general public. Scheduled to appeal their steroid violations: Wes Combs, Danny Batchelder, James Toney, Phil Baroni, Hermes Franca and Sean Sherk

Hong-Man Choi is also scheduled to appeal his license denial

*All my respect will go out the window if Sherk's statement is found to be a lie, I struggled to believe this was a false accusation. Now that Sherk is denying it, I can only hope he will be a man and tell the truth!
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