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12/11/12 5:06:29PM

I think Gil Melendez sticks out like a sore thumb on that list.
12/11/12 5:07:34PM

Posted by bjj1605


I think Gil Melendez sticks out like a sore thumb on that list.

I thought the same thing when I saw it.
12/11/12 5:40:36PM
How is he even on the list?!
Thomson X2

are his last 5 opponents and not one is top 10. Go even further into his record and it gets less impressive. I don't get how people outside the UFC get ranked so high without fighting the level of competition thats required for a top 10 guy.
Maynard, Edgar, Miller, Pettis, BJ and a few others in the LW devision could beat him.
Thompson had a seriously competitive fight and IMO he'd get smashed by everyone on the list above.
12/11/12 6:59:39PM
Gilbert over JDS?
12/11/12 7:27:40PM

Posted by FastKnockout

Gilbert over JDS?

I know, right?

Edit: Dominick Cruz isn't even on the list....
12/11/12 7:51:56PM
LOL Gilbert Melendez is barely top 5 in LW let alone P4P top 10

12/11/12 7:52:05PM
i think its safe to say that every UFC champion should be on that list. i dont think there are any fighters outside the ufc that deserve to be there. the ufc has to much money and reputation not to own the best fighters. switch Dominick with Gil and the list would be fine. i think SF has lost to many talented fighters anymore, IMO they are on the same level as bellator with bellator close to passing them in talent
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